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July 2017 Archives

Company negligence may have led to surgical errors and infections

Technology has significantly advanced the field of all areas of medicine in Delaware and across the country. Because of advanced technology, many complicated surgeries have been reduced to shorter outpatient procedures and surgeries. Simpler surgeries reduce recovery, surgical errors and the chance for other complications. Unfortunately, patient harm can still occur. One family in another state lost their husband and father after he contracted an antibiotic-resistant bacteria from a contaminated surgical tool.

Doctor accused of surgical errors and negligent care

Many Delaware patients fear going under the knife, because it is well-known that many things can go wrong during surgery. Surgical errors, infection, unexpected reactions and severe pain may occur. When complications of any nature arise as a result of surgery, additional unexpected expensive medical treatment may be required. One surgeon in a nearby state has recently been anonymously reported by other medical staff for a questionable history of inadequate care of his patients over the years.

Brain injuries result in extensive expensive treatment

Delaware residents may experience traumatic physical injuries as a result of any type of accident, forever changing a person's life. Brain injuries can especially be life-changing, often making it difficult for victims to regain basic life functions. Unfortunately when injuries occur, victims not only struggle to heal, but they may face financial burdens to finance necessary medical treatment.

Surgical errors: Doctors leave surgical dressing in woman

A Delaware state agency requires medical professionals to report certain medical mistakes called adverse events. Adverse events are usually mistakes that could result in serious harm or death of a patient. They are required to be reported to spark investigations, and investigations could reveal insight of ways to prevent other adverse events. A hospital in another state has had many recent investigations regarding adverse events, including ones that resulted from surgical errors.

Delaware car accidents: Woman seriously injured, man dead

Motor vehicle collisions can forever alter the lives of anyone involved. The aftermath of a car accidents can be overwhelming for victims and their family members. Not only will victims likely experience significant emotional and physical trauma, but there are many unexpected related expenses. One recent tragic Delaware accident ended with a fatality and a young woman seriously injured.

Delaware is serious about stopping distracted driving

In the state of Delaware, cell phone-related vehicle accidents keep occurring at an alarmingly steady pace. The U.S. Department of Transportation funded an anti-distracted driving campaign in 2012-2013, but collisions related to mobile phone use have continued to grow.

Surgical errors leave woman with camera in body for months

Technology has advanced medicine significantly over the years. Despite its benefits, patients in Delaware would not wish to spend months with lost technology inside their body. Unfortunately, for a woman in another state, a series of surgical errors resulted in a camera remaining in her body six months after surgery. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for the resulting financial and physical suffering she has experienced.

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