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May 2017 Archives

Man claims surgical errors have caused him permanent pain

Medical technology and advancement over recent years has benefited many Delaware patients. When injuries occur, most patients can be assured that surgery and therapy will aide in recovery. Despite advancements, surgical errors still occur, hindering the healing process for some patients. One man in another state has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a surgical group for the treatment of his broken arm.

brain injuries from fall may have resulted in man's death

Because of the injuries that can result, Delaware hospitals and medical institutions have policies and procedures in place to prevent patient falls. Bed alarms, signs, bed rail use, staff or family supervision are all methods hospitals use to prevent patient falls. Despite prevention, falls still occur. One patient in another state suffered a fall and died three days later. His family has filed a medical malpractice law suit against the medical facility, believing the brain injuries that the patient suffered may have resulted in his death.

Girl's birth injuries: $23.1 million awarded to parents

Despite frequent prenatal visits and care prior to giving birth, childbirth in Delaware does not always go according to plan. Some children suffer unfortunate birth injuries resulting in life long care and dependency on others. One family in another state took their birth injury case to court, and the judge awarded them $23.1 million.

Boxer's brain injuries result in lifelong dependency and bills

Any Delaware residents that have ever boxed or viewed a match are aware that injuries are to be expected. For the protection of boxers, medical professionals are available at official matches to provide evaluation and treatment of injuries. Unfortunately, one boxer in another state suffered severe brain injuries, and he is expected to need around-the-clock care for the rest of his life. His parents believe that had the physician properly evaluated their son during his match, his injuries would not be as extensive. They have a filed a lawsuit against the physician.

Legal options may be available for victims of car accidents

Operating a motor vehicle responsibly is important for the safety of everyone in the vehicle as well as anyone else traveling the same roadways. Unfortunately, despite numerous methods to enforce responsible driving, reckless driving and resulting car accidents still occur. Car crash victims often suffer physical injuries, property damage and unexpected related expenses. One Delaware woman has had the unfortunate experience of personally discovering the physical and financial stress that occurs in the aftermath of a motor-vehicle accident.

Family recieves $8 million for brain injuries after birth

It is unfortunate when Delaware patients suffer as a result of a medical professional's negligence. Inaction or a wrong decision can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, expenses, lost quality of life and/or death. Recently in a neighboring state, a couple was awarded an $8 million monetary settlement for the brain injuries their child suffered that may have resulted or compounded by one physician's delayed action.

Birth injuries lawsuit results in $42 million award

The birth of a child is a miraculous and special event for most Delaware parents. Unfortunately despite research and advances in medical care, debilitating birth injuries still occur, making many births tragic. With proper care and adequate monitoring, some birth injuries are unnecessary and preventable. A family in a neighboring state was recently awarded $42 million by a federal judge who ruled that their delivering physician's negligence caused undue harm to their son.

Car crashes and traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, numbers among the common consequences of a motor vehicle accident. It can occur when the brain suffers an impact, a frequent scenario when a car traveling at high speed crashes to a halt.

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