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April 2017 Archives

Major surgical errors result in removal of healthy kidney

Going under the knife will make most Delaware patients nervous. Mandated policies and procedures are enforced in hospitals across the United States to maximize patient safety and to help ease patient fears. Despite strict policies, surgical errors still occur. A man in another state is facing the unfortunate consequences of his surgeon's apparent disregard to follow standard safety procedures before the patient's healthy kidney was removed instead of his cancerous one.

Surgical errors result in man's healthy kidney removal

Waking up to discover a healthy kidney has been unnecessarily removed is something usually found in horror movies or nightmares. Unfortunately, for one man it is a reality. While some Delaware patients anticipate some minor surgical errors might occur, the mistaken removal of a healthy kidney is not one of them.

What could have caused my child's cerebral palsy?

WebMD defines cerebral palsy as a “group of chronic ‘palsies’ -- disorders that impair control of movement due to damage to the developing brain.” Typically, CP occurs in a young child’s brain, and it is not a progressive disorder. In other words, the brain does not get worse as the person ages. Generally, CP happens due to a brain injury during the early development of the baby, but it can also be caused by genetics. Sometimes, parents even blame themselves, even though CP occurs for many different reasons. 

Medical and surgical errors can be debilitating to patients

Medical practice standards and pharmaceutical recommendations can change quickly due to new data and research available. Medical professionals in Delaware are responsible for understanding the medicines they administer and the changes in their recommendations. When medical professionals fail to follow current safety guidelines, medical and surgical errors may occur. One 57-year-old woman in another state discovered how her practitioner's ignorance of safety guidelines was detrimental to her health and way of life.

Delaware attorneys can advise victims of serious car accidents

It could be argued that drivers have more distractions than they ever have had as they travel Delaware highways. Smartphones, eating and looking at the surrounding landscape or buildings are just a few that may tempt a driver's eyes from the road. Unfortunately, any distraction may lead to serious car accidents resulting in debilitating and sometimes fatal injuries. For unknown reasons, a man allegedly pulled into an intersection prior to his turn, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident.

brain injuries may result in emotional and financial loss

When people in Delaware consent to undergo surgery, they do it understanding there are risks involved. Although patients do agree to potential risks, they may suffer injury or even death if an acceptable standard of care is not provided, When care is not adequate, infection, brain injuries, other injuries and/or death may occur. In another state, a family is claiming an anthologist's inadequate care resulted in their loved one's death.

Mothers in Delaware can suffer debilitating birth injuries

For many parents in Delaware, the birth of a child is a miraculous experience. Unfortunately for some, it may instead be traumatic. Despite advances in medical experience and technology, birth injuries still occur to both mothers and children. Injuries can result in a lifetime of medical treatment, therapy and related expenses. One woman in a nearby state has filed a lawsuit against a hospital and physician due to the injuries she suffered under their care.

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