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March 2017 Archives

The difference that five seconds makes

There is no doubt that distracted driving can be a huge problem on American roads, ranking up there with drunk and drowsy driving. For example, the statistics on are eye-opening, and perhaps the most startling one is this: “Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. When traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length of a football field blindfolded.” The information is from research performed by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and here is a look at the difference that five seconds makes.

Car accidents in Delaware result in deaths and injuries

A simple mistake or minor distraction is all it takes to lose control while operating a vehicle. Sadly, for many Delaware residents some mistakes may result in car accidents, death and injuries. Medical and burial expenses related to accidents are also very expensive. In one recent fatal vehicle collision, one man lost his life and two woman suffered several injuries.

Delaware attorneys can help with death cases from surgical errors

The advancement in pharmaceutical therapies and medical technology over the years has saved and prolonged many lives. Unfortunately, along with the improvements, incorrect medical treatment or surgical errors can also cause injury and death. In some instances, medical malpractice attorneys in Delaware may be able to help malpractice victims and/or their families to pursue compensation in civil court for injury and death related expenses. 

Man receives settlement from Home Depot for brain injuries

Do-it-yourself projects and stores that carry the necessary supplies have become very popular in Delaware and all over the country. While tackling home projects may have some personal risks, shopping in the stores is the last place a person may expect to be injured. Sadly, a man in another state suffered unexpected debilitating brain injuries as he shopped at his local Home Depot. He anticipates his lifetime medical care for his injuries to total around $8 million.

Do you need an attorney after being hit by a car?

Sometimes, car accidents do not lead to serious personal injuries, or any injuries, for that matter. The insurance claims process is straightforward and quick, and both the person filing the claim and the insurance company are happy. Many times, however, people encounter obstacles after they, or their car, is hit by another car. If you are dealing with at least one of the issues below, an attorney may be helpful.

Car accidents can be expensive for victims

Several people were recently injured in a multi-vehicle accident on a Delaware interstate. While it was fortunate that the car accidents did not end in tragedy, the victims will soon face the realization of the expenses that may follow. Medical, physical therapy, car repair and replacement expenses can add up quickly, often creating significant financial stress for many accident victims.

4 essential pieces of evidence for proving medical malpractice

Doctor errors and other health care mistakes are a significant problem in the United States. According to Forbes, 200,000 people die annually due to medical malpractice, yet its victims who survive often face an uphill battle in seeking recourse. That does not mean that it is impossible or that you should not seek justice, though. In fact, the opposite is true: the more people who come forward, the more change will be made to encourage accountability in health care. If you are courageous enough to speak up, you should be prepared to furnish several pieces of evidence in your claim. These four are particularly important to supporting claims of medical malpractice.

Surgeon's malpractice results in man's severe brain injuries

At the age of 21, many young adults in Delaware are in college, getting jobs, dating and enjoying their youth in various ways. Sadly, after one man's heart surgery, he was destined only to spend the rest of his life being cared for by his family. His case is not unlike others where mistakes are made during surgery that lead to disabilities, brain injuries, unexpected recovery and even death.

Surgical errors may cause physical injury and monetary loss

Most Delaware patients would never imagine that symptoms of acid reflux, nausea and vomiting could lead to the loss of their legs. One woman in another state is alleging that surgical errors during an operation to fix her gastrointestinal symptoms may have ultimately led to her double leg amputation. She has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in her state, seeking compensation for the quality of life lost and the medical expenses that have resulted after her surgeries.

Surgical errors can be debilitating and expensive

Delaware patients expect and demand quality of care when they undergo surgery and otherwise receive medical treatment. Despite best efforts, medical and surgical errors still occur. Following a medical or surgical mistake, a patient may never enjoy life as before. Medical malpractice can result in physical limitations, and related expenses can accumulate quickly.

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