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December 2016 Archives

Car accidents mar the holidays for many Delaware families

The holidays can be challenging for many Delaware families, and it only gets worse when one member suffers severe injuries in a crash -- especially if the injured victim is a child. The only thing that makes the devastation worse is if the driver believed responsible fails to remain at the scene. Not knowing even for a day or two who was behind car accidents can be frustrating and heartbreaking for families that need answers.

Spinal cord injuries from car accidents are frightening

In the aftermath of a car crash, some Delaware residents realize that something is wrong with their backs. Upon receiving medical care, they are told that they suffered a spinal cord injury and their futures could be unclear, which is frightening. While they wait to discover their fates, they might be able to seek restitution from the drivers responsible for the car accidents that put them in this position.

Untreated hypoxia can lead to preventable birth injuries

When a baby fails to receive sufficient oxygen before, during or after delivery, he or she suffers from hypoxia. This lack of oxygen can lead to numerous types of birth injuries that could cause permanent damage to a child. The medical technology available to doctors here in Delaware and elsewhere should be able to detect when conditions exist that could lead to hypoxia. A failure to diagnose and rectify the situation as quickly and safely as possible could constitute medical malpractice.

Common types of brain injuries

brain injuries are all too common in today's world. Car accidents, sports and even some medical treatment can leave you with an injury that affects the rest of your life. Depending on the amount of force and the type of force that impacts the head, the brain can receive several types of injury. Some are grave and serious while others can be treated quickly, but most brain injuries require immediate medical attention so there is no further damage. Knowing what to watch for and how brain injuries may be categorized can help you determine when an injury has occurred.

Filing a wrongful death claim after surgical errors happen

Few Delaware residents go into an operation without at least some concerns that something could go wrong, because every procedure has risks. In some cases, those concerns are founded, and the patient does not survive the surgery. The question then becomes whether surgical errors led to the patient's death. If there is evidence that the surgeon made a mistake, a wrongful death claim might be appropriate.

Taking legal action in Delaware after fatal car accidents

The grieving process for Delaware residents who unexpectedly lose a loved one in a crash can last for a long time. For many people who have suffered losses in car accidents, it might seem callous to consider the long-term financial ramifications, but unfortunately, life goes on and surviving family members still have monetary needs. If the death of their loved one was due to the negligence of another, exploring the available legal remedies to help with those financial burdens would be beneficial.

Motorcyclists are a high risk group for brain injuries in crashes

Delaware motorcyclists do not enjoy the same protections as those in passenger vehicles. This increases their risk of brain injuries if they are involved in a crash. If an accident was caused by another motorist, victims might be able to receive restitution to help with the financial burdens that dealing with these and other injuries can cause.

Reckless driving and speed often equal deadly car accidents

Some Delaware drivers speed periodically. Speeding can be unsafe, but it rises to a much more dangerous level when the driver is being reckless as well. This combination of recklessness and speed causes far too many car accidents here and across the country.

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