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August 2016 Archives

Malpractice suit possible due to surgical errors

An anesthesiologist from another state could be in hot water after some five patients at an eye clinic who were being treated for cataracts became blind, according to local sources. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear that the medical professional is believed to have committed surgical errors on five patients in the same day back in May 2014. This has brought up the possibility not only of a malpractice suit against the anesthesiologist but also against the clinic where he was employed. 

Dentist accused of malpractice may have committed surgical errors

A small-town dentist has been sued after one family has made accusations that he performed unnecessary dental procedures on their son. Delaware residents are suing for malpractice for an incident in 2015 in which they say their son was subjected to an unnecessary surgery. The surgical errors committed by the dentist, they say, will cost the family a small fortune to remedy in the long run. 

Surgical errors during fatal heart surgery lead to lawsuit

The family of a 77-year-old man who passed away in 2011 due to complications of a heart surgery are now suing the doctor they say is responsible for his death. As Delaware residents are no doubt aware, surgical errors leading to death are actionable under civil law, in this case in the form of negligence and wrongful death suits filed against the doctor and the health care facility that employed him. It has since been revealed that a subsequent inquest into the death resulted in the doctor's termination from employment. 

Certain kinds of bacteria can be harmful and fatal in hospitals

On August 8, 2016, Prince George's Hospital temporarily closed its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after detecting the deadly bacteria pseudomonas. The Maryland hospital determined that three infants had traces of the bacteria. Tragically, two babies recently died in the Prince George's NICU, although no one has found out whether pseudomonas was the cause of their death.

Surgical errors may indicate deeper safety issues at hospitals

Few people in Delaware face surgical procedures without some measure of anxiety. Surgery involves many unknowns and a certain loss of control when one places him or herself in the hands of a doctor. In the best case scenario, the patient emerges from the procedure successfully and on the road to recovery. However, in some cases, patients wake up from surgery to the unthinkable when they are victims of surgical errors.

Lawsuit claims surgical errors lead to fatality

The estate administrator of a woman who died in 2007 is suing two doctors and their associated hospital for her death. The man, whose mother passed away in December 2007, filed a malpractice suit on July 11 in another state against both attending doctors who oversaw a surgery his mother underwent. In Delaware and elsewhere, surgical errors leading to death are appropriate grounds for a medical malpractice claim. 

Woman dies of brain injuries; family sues for malpractice

A pregnant woman who tragically died has finally been given justice by a state court, according to local sources. The 24-year-old woman passed away as a result of complications of brain injuries she apparently received while in the hospital. Delaware residents will be pleased to hear that her family, including her daughter who is now two years old, have been awarded $4.3 million in damages. 

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