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June 2016 Archives

Surgical errors may have resulted from defective device

An entrepreneur and bicycle enthusiast beloved by his community has tragically lost his life due in part to a device used during his open-heart surgery. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear that the 62-year-old man died as a result of a rare infection, which has been associated by medical professionals with a device used to regulate his blood temperature during the surgery. The question of whether surgical errors can result from the misuse of a defective device appears to be a central issue in the medical malpractice claim that is now pending.

Woman accuses doctors of surgical errors

A June 9 filing in a county court is bringing a hospital and its health care practitioners under scrutiny, according to local sources. Delaware residents may be interested to hear that a former patient is suing her health care providers for negligence and malpractice after alleged surgical errors caused her long-term health problems. The complaint was filed in a court local to the plaintiff. 

Patient files malpractice charges for 14-year-old surgical errors

A woman is charging a doctor for an error allegedly made some fourteen years ago, according to sources local to the filing. Delaware residents will doubtlessly be shocked to hear that the woman is alleging a 15-centimeter long surgical clamp was left in her abdomen following a surgery meant to address ovarian cysts. The surgical errors were apparently made in August 2000. 

Incarcerated surgeon accused of surgical errors

A second malpractice suit has been filed against a former surgeon who is currently serving a prison sentence for an illegal painkiller distribution scheme, according to sources local to the story. Delaware residents may be shocked to hear the former orthopedic surgeon is facing malpractice charges for allegedly failing to properly diagnose a knee injury and performing surgical errors based on that diagnosis. The suit has been filed in a court local to the accused. 

Will an open approach to admitting medical errors help patients?

In the aftermath of a medical error that causes severe harm to a patient, hospitals typically go to great lengths to avoid admitting fault. Generally speaking, hospitals and their staff will deny acts of negligence, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Long hours by medical residents can compromise patient care

After graduating medical school, doctors-in-training go through residencies where they gain hands-on experience helping patients. As part of the residency, it is common for residents to work 16-hour or 24-hour shifts. Once viewed as a rite of passage for residents, many in the medical community have questioned whether these long hours are necessary or healthy.

When surgical errors lead to malpractice suits

Undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience for anyone. As some Delaware residents are keenly aware, the threat of surgical errors and other medical errors can exacerbate that stress. However, victims of medical errors do have the option to file a malpractice suit against the doctors and medical organizations responsible for these errors. While this may not mean the errors are corrected, filing a suit at least allows for the possibility of compensation for the afflicted party. 

Can barcodes make one type of surgical error a thing of the past?

It is every surgical patient's worst nightmare. After your surgery is over, you find out you have a sponge, surgical screw or other foreign object in your body. Not only do you have to deal with pain, potential infection and other problems, but you will have to undergo another surgery just to get the foreign object out of your body.

Alleged surgical errors lead to malpractice suit

A woman who says an unnecessary surgery was performed on her is now suing a doctor and the associated health care facility, according to local news. Delaware residents are surely aware that surgical errors, or errors involving unnecessary surgeries, are grounds for medical malpractice suits. The woman is now in the process of taking all those she believes responsible to court. 

Surgical errors may be avoided with proper communication

While medical facilities certainly strive to avoid errors, mistakes continue to occur in Delaware and elsewhere. Patients do not always realize that they have the right to know exactly what will be done to them, and they should not hesitate to ask questions. Many surgical errors can be avoided if there is proper communication between medical personnel and patients.

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