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April 2016 Archives

$1.8 million awarded for surgical errors resulting in sterility

A woman who was tragically rendered infertile due to an error on the part of her doctors has been awarded a payout by a jury, according to local news. Delaware residents will likely be pleased to hear the woman was awarded $1.8 million when she sued her doctors for medical malpractice. While surgical errors of this type are not always life-threatening, they can certainly be life-changing, which is why malpractice suits are filed. 

Too often, medication record systems fail to protect patients

The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, a federal agency, estimates that 5 percent of hospital patients experience harm due to a medication error. Adverse drug events lead to more than 100,000 hospitalizations every year. The agency estimates that half of these injuries could be prevented. This is scary news to any person who takes prescription medications.

Surgical errors result in 8-inch tube left in woman's body

A woman had an unexpected conversation with her doctor and is now suing the hospital she's relied upon for years, according to local sources. Delaware residents may be shocked to discover the woman's doctor informed her that an 8-inch piece of tubing was left in her chest from a procedure conducted over seven years ago. Surgical errors of this type are usually caught immediately, but, in this case, the doctors in question appear to have lied to the patient about the nature of the error. 

Birth injuries leading to cerebral palsy infant result in suit

Two doctors are facing serious consequences after an allegedly botched birth in 2013. Delaware residents may not be surprised to hear the family of a baby who was left with cerebral palsy as a result of birth injuries is suing for malpractice. The court case is currently in the midst of litigation. 

Woman claims surgical errors after wrong ovary removed

An April 26 date has been set as the first court date in a medical malpractice suit filed by a 40-year-old woman in another state who claims to be the victim of a surgery gone wrong. Delaware residents may be interested to know the woman is suing the doctor who used to be her obstetrician-gynecologist after she says he removed the wrong ovary. She says she is now experiencing early-onset menopause as a result of the surgical errors.

Delaware leads the nation when it comes to disciplining doctors

Holding doctors accountable for errors and misconduct is critical to ensuring that patients receive quality medical care. State medical boards are responsible for disciplining doctors who do not live up to the standards of their profession. While some states are relatively lenient in how they discipline doctors, Delaware takes doctor discipline very seriously.

Doctor commits surgical errors, lies to cover mistake

A 60-year-old woman is suing for malpractice after a doctor apparently removed an incorrect rib from her body. Delaware residents will likely be shocked by the revelation that a doctor could commit such tremendous surgical errors, and even more so that the same doctor could then lie to cover the error. The woman's case is currently being overseen by a court local to the family. 

State report reveals surgical errors

A damning new survey of another state's malpractice lawsuits reveals an uncomfortable trend in how doctors treat their patients, according to news sources. Delaware residents may be unsettled to hear how surgical errors and other medical horror stories are playing out in a southern state, and how that reflects on the larger issue of malpractice across America. While the state in question has more doctors than any other state in the country, the results speak poorly to the state of medicine the nation over. 

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