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February 2016 Archives

Malpractice case set for doctor who died of brain injuries

The 2013 death of a recently-graduated doctor from another state has generated a medical malpractice suit which is slated to begin this month. The 26-year-old suffered brain injuries from which she later died after a blood clot went unrecognized in her diagnosis. Delaware residents will be pleased to note that her family is pursuing justice in her case. 

Malpractice case settled after child suffers brain injuries

A family whose child contracted cerebral palsy after a botched experimental surgery has been granted justice, according to local sources. Delaware residents will be pleased to hear the family of a 6-year-old boy from another state who suffered brain injuries directly after his birth have been awarded $30 million by the court. This settlement is enough to ensure the boy's care for the rest of his life, care he will richly require. 

How Soon Does Someone Have To File A Medical Malpractice Case In Delaware?

Victims of medical negligence in Delaware have a limited time to file a medical malpractice claim. These laws, known as statutes of limitations, are in place to ensure that evidence is relatively fresh and witnesses are still able to remember events that took place. Practically speaking, this means that victims of medical malpractice should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after the injury.

Man sues for malpractice after suffering brain injuries

A Supreme Court jury has awarded a man $11.6 million in a landmark malpractice case, according to local sources. The man suffered brain injuries after being incorrectly diagnosed by a local radiologist, according to the case. Delaware residents will likely be pleased to hear that the jury found in the man's favor. 

$9 million awarded after child suffered severe birth injuries

Delaware mothers who experience high-risk pregnancies may be concerned about the medical care they will receive if any problems develop. In an out-of-state lawsuit, a family whose baby suffered severe neurological birth injuries was awarded $30 million by a jury in civil litigation. The claim related to the injuries of a permanent nature that were suffered by the girl at birth in 2006.

$9 million awarded after child suffered severe birth injuries

Delaware parents whose children suffer the consequences of negligent medical care at birth may be overwhelmed by their situations. Fortunately, the laws allow for legal action to be taken against those who provide inadequate medical care that leads to birth injuries. The parents of a child in another state have been awarded $9 million to ensure their child receives adequate care after birth complications left him with cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Study shows an increased long-term suicide risk following a concussion

A study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that individuals who sustained concussions were three times more likely to commit suicide. Numerous studies have suggested that there is a link between concussions and suicide for members of the military.

One Third Of Malpractice Claims Involve One Percent Of Doctors

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that shed light on which doctors are most likely to be sued for medical malpractice. This study, titled "Prevalence and Characteristics of Physicians Prone to Malpractice Claims," also looked at the types of medical specialties that had the most medical malpractice cases. This study analyzed more than 66,000 medical malpractice cases across the United States from 2005 to 2014 and discovered the following:

Jury awards $3 million in surgical errors malpractice case

A routine medical procedure turned deadly for one woman, and her family has since pursued and won justice for her memory. Delaware residents may be buoyed to hear that a 64-year-old out-of-state woman, who tragically died from surgical errors in 2009, was successfully represented by her family in court. The family was awarded a $3 million verdict in the malpractice suit. 

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