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January 2016 Archives

Surgical errors blamed in malpractice suit

A couple is suing several doctors as well as the hospital where treatment was received after the husband claims he was given a knee prosthesis that was the wrong size for him. Delaware residents understand how surgical errors in a prosthesis surgery could account for significant suffering and financial damage. The lawsuit was filed on Jan. 15. 

Woman's estate sues for malpractice due to surgical errors

A woman's estate is suing a medical center for medical malpractice following a hip replacement procedure they say left her physically and mentally unable to recover, resulting in her death, according to news sources local to the case. Delaware residents are doubtless aware of the danger of surgical errors in medical procedures. Based on the case laid out by the plaintiff, it appears that errors of this type are at least tangentially related to the suffering she is said to have endured following her procedure. 

Surgeon accused of surgical errors on 200 patients

A prominent surgeon is facing a massive number of lawsuits after allegedly botching breast surgeries intentionally. The doctor in question is facing hundreds of medical malpractice suits after being accused of committing surgical errors on everything from tightenings to reductions and enhancements. While Delaware residents recognize many of these surgeries as being elective, the women are claiming a more insidious motivation. 

What Are The Biggest Challenges In Filing A Medical Malpractice Claim In Delaware?

Medical malpractice claims are far more complicated than other types of injury and death cases. While every injury or death claim involves legal issues, medical malpractice claims involve complex medical issues as well. In Delaware, lawmakers have put various obstacles in the path of families looking to recover full compensation after an act of medical negligence. With strategic, intelligent attorneys on your side, you and your family can have every opportunity to overcome these challenges.

Malpractice suit brought on by surgical errors could go federal

An out-of-state doctor who is being sued by hundreds of his former patients may be attempting to delay his trial, according to some sources. Delaware residents may be aware of Dr. Abubakar Atiq Durrani, who is believed to have committed surgical errors on hundreds of spinal patients. Representation for Dr. Durrani are in the process of moving the malpractice cases from a county court to a federal District Court, possibly in an attempt to put off a trial date. 

Parents sue for malpractice as a result of birth injuries

A family is continuing a fight they began over a decade ago to receive the full compensation they were awarded in a malpractice suit, according to local sources. The couple successfully filed a medical malpractice suit in the case of their daughter's birth injuries, which they say left her a quadriplegic without the capacity for speech. Though they won their suit, Delaware residents may be interested to know that the couple's home state institutes a cap on malpractice compensation, meaning the couple will receive only a fraction of what they were promised. 

Mother sues for birth injuries

A woman is suing the hospital where she gave birth after she says they were negligent in their responsibilities. Mothers in Delaware no doubt understand the protectiveness that comes with motherhood, displayed here as the woman sues the hospital and the attending doctors for allegedly causing birth injuries to her daughter. The case is currently being overseen in the woman's home state. 

Surgical errors among leading causes of personal injury suits

Most non-elective surgeries are processes the average American would rather avoid. As some Delaware residents can attest, the stress of needing surgery is compounded by the fear of surgical errors exacerbating an existing condition or causing a new one. While not as common as Hollywood might have people believe, surgical errors do happen, and they happen with enough frequency that they are fast becoming the most likely reason for a medical malpractice claim. 

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