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August 2015 Archives

Gender reassignment for intersex child, potential surgical errors

It may be surprising to know that one in every 2,000 babies are born intersex, according to the Intersex Society of North America. It is common for doctors to assign a sex to these children before the child has a chance to decide for him or herself. It could happen in Delaware, but adoptive parents in another state are suing doctors for performing gender reassignment surgery, calling it genital mutilation. Although these types of procedures may not fit the usual definitions of surgical errors, the major error could be in the doctors' decision to assign a gender in the first place.

Could recorded surgeries reduce the number of surgical errors?

An uncanny number of surgical errors are reported every year in the United States. Patients in Delaware should be aware of the risk when going in for surgery. The idea of recording operations using so-called black boxes could change, or at least shed light on, surgical errors, what causes them, and how to potentially prevent them in the future.

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