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Legal options may be avaialble for victims of car accidents

Operating a motor vehicle responsibly is important for the safety of everyone in the vehicle as well as anyone else traveling the same roadways. Unfortunately, despite numerous methods to enforce responsible driving, reckless driving and resulting car accidents still occur. Car crash victims often suffer physical injuries, property damage and unexpected related expenses. One Delaware woman has had the unfortunate experience of personally discovering the physical and financial stress that occurs in the aftermath of a motor-vehicle accident.

Delaware attorneys can advise victims of serious car accidents

It could be argued that drivers have more distractions than they ever have had as they travel Delaware highways. Smartphones, eating and looking at the surrounding landscape or buildings are just a few that may tempt a driver's eyes from the road. Unfortunately, any distraction may lead to serious car accidents resulting in debilitating and sometimes fatal injuries. For unknown reasons, a man allegedly pulled into an intersection prior to his turn, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident.

Car accidents in Delaware result in deaths and injuries

A simple mistake or minor distraction is all it takes to lose control while operating a vehicle. Sadly, for many Delaware residents some mistakes may result in car accidents, death and injuries. Medical and burial expenses related to accidents are also very expensive. In one recent fatal vehicle collision, one man lost his life and two woman suffered several injuries.

Do you need an attorney after being hit by a car?

Sometimes, car accidents do not lead to serious personal injuries, or any injuries, for that matter. The insurance claims process is straightforward and quick, and both the person filing the claim and the insurance company are happy. Many times, however, people encounter obstacles after they, or their car, is hit by another car. If you are dealing with at least one of the issues below, an attorney may be helpful.

Car accidents can be expensive for victims

Several people were recently injured in a multi-vehicle accident on a Delaware interstate. While it was fortunate that the car accidents did not end in tragedy, the victims will soon face the realization of the expenses that may follow. Medical, physical therapy, car repair and replacement expenses can add up quickly, often creating significant financial stress for many accident victims.

Car accidents can result in tragic unexpected deaths

Driving a vehicle on Delaware roadways is a responsibility and a privilege. Unfortunately, many people neglect being responsible while driving, often resulting in accidents. Car accidents can result in devastating injuries, long recoveries and sometimes tragic deaths. Recently a multi-vehicle crash resulted in two deaths.

Serious car accidents in Delaware can be expensive

Many Delaware residents choose motor vehicles for transportation to travel around the state. When driven responsibly, vehicles can be an efficient and safe way to travel. Unfortunately, when driven recklessly, vehicles can be very dangerous and may result in serious car accidents. Recently, an apparent negligent driver contributed to an accident involving three vehicles.

What you need to know about car accidents and TBI

A common injury that results from car accidents is a traumatic brain injury. Per data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2006-2010, car accidents ranked third in the causes of TBI and second for deaths related to TBI. The same data indicates car accidents were the leading cause of TBI-related deaths in children and adults from age five to 24 years. Adolescents and adults from age 15 to 44 years were hospitalized the most from car accidents causing TBI. Learn more about TBI following a car accident.

Car accidents mar the holidays for many Delaware families

The holidays can be challenging for many Delaware families, and it only gets worse when one member suffers severe injuries in a crash -- especially if the injured victim is a child. The only thing that makes the devastation worse is if the driver believed responsible fails to remain at the scene. Not knowing even for a day or two who was behind car accidents can be frustrating and heartbreaking for families that need answers.

Spinal cord injuries from car accidents are frightening

In the aftermath of a car crash, some Delaware residents realize that something is wrong with their backs. Upon receiving medical care, they are told that they suffered a spinal cord injury and their futures could be unclear, which is frightening. While they wait to discover their fates, they might be able to seek restitution from the drivers responsible for the car accidents that put them in this position.

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